Our Services


Here in Ansync Global, we currently represent more than 10 Airlines worldwide. We represent them as a GSA (General Sales Agent), GSAA (General Sales and Services Agent services) as well as CSA (Customer Service Agent). As such, we have been trusted by our partnered Airlines with the selling rights to their cargo capacity within agreed terms. Additionally, with our strong industry reach, we have many SPAs (Special Prorate Agreements) with business partners in different logistic hubs globally. This allows us to expand our network to new territories, especially niche destinations for general cargo & project shipments.

Total Cargo Management

In Ansync Global, we value our partnerships and this shows by providing the option for “Total Cargo Management” to our customers. This means our solutions extend more than just selling activities to include areas such as operational audits, ground handling, routing, scheduling, fuel management etc. Total Cargo Management covers the complete and comprehensive management of an Airline’s cargo division.

Project Logistics

At Ansync Global our team specializes in the odd-size and project shipments. This includes the Aerospace, Projects & Marine Logistics, Oil & Gas as well as the Construction Industries. Over the years, we have developed industry-leading skills with adequate loadmasters’ training and space/capacity planning experience, providing dynamic cohesion for our clients projects

Courier / E-Commerce

In line with the new wave and exponential growth of E-Commerce business, Ansync Global has also managed to establish a network and successfully gained part of the market share for e-Commerce as well as Postal Mails.

Our Representations